Game Zombie Avenger Hacked (Cheats)


Zombie Avenger hacked
Zombie Avenger Cheats / Hacked:

Infinite Health And Ammo

Description info:

Category: Shooting / Zombie | Plays: 2 570

Zombie is the dangerous and very revengeful zooids. Their essence reflects in the game Zombie Avenger. The zombies plan the attacks late at night are going to get even for their last failure, when people are easily able to deal with them. Now zombies are surrounded the city from all sides, and civilians are real danger. The brave hero can save them, who is armed with a gun ready to give battle, and is just waiting for your command. Your task is to be the brave hero of the horror battle with the zombies.
How to play?
You need to use the shunts for the moving and jumping the hero/ also you can use the mouse for the shooting to the monsters. You have opportunities to collect the bonuses.
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