Game Zombie Balloon Heads 3 Hacked (Cheats)


Zombie Balloon Heads 3 hacked
Zombie Balloon Heads 3 Cheats / Hacked:

God mode.

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Category: Shooting / Zombie | Plays: 3 019

The third version of the fascinated game is Zombie Balloon Heads 3, which is based on the fighting with the terrible monsters and zombies. There is terrible happening on planet Earth. It captured the ruthless zombies that used to be kind and cheerful people. This is the great game, which is drawn directly into the school exercise one of the lazy students. You have to help the gun to fight off zombies. You should earn experience points to get new weapon and continue fighting. 
How to play?
You need to use AWSD for the moving, the mouse is for the shooting and also the key Q E is for the changing the weapons.
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